For your convienience, our latest City Multi Product Catalogue, Specifications, System Design Guide and Submittal forms are available for download in PDF format.

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  Group   Model
  S-Series   PUMY-P-NHMU
  Y-Series (208-230V)   PUHY-P-T(S)JMU-A
  Y-Series (460V)   PUHY-P-Y(S)JMU-A
  Y-Series Hyper Heat (H²i)   PUHY-HP-T(S)JMU-A
  R2 Series (208-230V)   PURY-P-T(S)JMU-A
  R2 Series (460V)   PURY-P-Y(S)JMU-A
  WY-Series (208-230V)   PQHY-P-T(S)HMU-A
  WY-Series (460V)   PQHY-P-Y(S)HMU-A
  WR2-Series (208-230V)   PQRY-P-T(S)HMU-A
  WR2-Series (460V)   PQRY-P-Y(S)HMU-A

*Specifications for Indoor Units and Controls & Interfaces can be found in the City Multi Product Catalogue and in the Submittal Forms.

  Group   Model
  S-Series   PUMY-P-N(H)(K)MU (Ver. U11)
  S-Series   PUMY-P36_60NKMU1
  Y-Series   PUHY-P-T(Y)(S)KMU-A (Ver. U10)
  Y-Series   PUHY-P-T(Y)(S)LMU-A (Ver. U11)
  Y-Series (575V)   PUHY-Z(S)KMU-A (-BS)
  Y-Series Hyper Heat   PUHY-HP-T(S)JMU-A (Ver. U11)
  R2 Series   PURY-P-T(Y)(S)KMU-A
  R2 Series   PURY-P-T(Y)(S)LMU-A
  R2-Series (575V)   PURY-Z(S)KMU-A (-BS)
  R2 Series Hyper Heat   PURY-HP-T(Y)(S)KMU-A (Ver. U11)
  WY-Series   PQHY-P-T(Y)(S)HMU-A (Ver. U10)
  WY-Series   PQHY-P-T(Y)(S)LMU-A1
  WY-Series (575V)   PQ(H)(R)Y-P72-360(T)((Y)(Z)(S)LMU-A1
  WY-Series (575V)   PQHY-P-ZKMU-A (Ver.U10)
  WY-Series (575V)   PQHY-P-Z(S)LMU-A
  WR2-Series   PQRY-P-T(Y)(S)HMU-A (Ver.U10)
  WR2-Series   PQRY-P-T(Y)(S)LMU-A1
  WR2-Series (575V)   PQ(H)(R)Y-P72-360(T)((Y)(Z)(S)LMU-A1
  WR2-Series (575V)   PQRY-P-ZKMU-A (Ver.U10)
  WR2-Series (575V)   PQRY-P-Z(S)LMU-A1

  BC Controllers
  Controls & Interfaces
  Indoor Units – Air Curtain (Thermoscreens)
  Indoor Units - Ceiling Cassette
  Indoor Units - Ceiling Suspended
  Indoor Units - Concealed Air Handler
  Indoor Units - Ducted
  Indoor Units - Floor Standing
  Indoor Units - Heat Exchanger
  Indoor Units - LEV Kits
  Indoor Units - Wall Mounted
  Outdoor Units