For your convienience, our latest City Multi Product Catalogue, Guide to System Design and Submittal forms are available for download in PDF format.

  Group   Model
     Main Control Panel - AZZBSME
      BACnet Communication Gateway - AZZBSBACNET
      Supplemental heat Relay Box - AZZBSOUTPUT5
  Airzone Thermostats   
     Blueface(Principal Controller) - AZZBSBFSW
      Zone Thermostat(Wired) - AZZBSTCSWW
      Zone Thermostat(Wireless) - AZZBSTCSWR
  Airzone Dampers with control module   
     "6"" Damper(Wired) - AZZBSMRD06W"
      "8"" Damper(Wired) - AZZBSMRD08W"
      "10"" Damper(Wired) - AZZBSMRD10W"
      "6"" Damper(Wireless) - AZZBSMRD06R"
      "8"" Damper(Wireless) - AZZBSMRD08R"
      "10"" Damper(Wireless) - AZZBSMRD10R"
  Airzone Control Modules and Accessories   
     Local Module(Wired) - AZZBSLMW
      Local Module(Wireless) - AZZBSLMR
  LA Ambient Hood   CM-LA-HOOD - TKMU -TLMU - ZKMU
  Optional Electric Heat Kit   PVFY-P-NAMU & MVZ-A-AA4
  Thermostat Interface   PAC-US444CN-1
  Snow Hood   CM-SNOW-TKMU
  Snow / Wind Guard   CM-RE(SD)-1-PUMY
  Wind Deflector   CM-WD-NKMU