For your convienience, our latest City Multi Product Catalogue, Guide to System Design and Submittal forms are available for download in PDF format.

  Group   Model
  Accessories   PAC-IT51/52AD-E (IT Terminal Adaptor)
      PAC-SE41TSE (remote space temp. sensor)
      PAC-YU25HT (external heating adaptor)
  Interface   BAC-HD150* (BACnet Interface)
      LMAP03U (LMAP Interface)
      LMAP04-E (LMAP Interface)
      Procon IO Interface
      Procon MelcoBEMS MINI (A1M)
      Procon MelcoRETAIL MINI
  Local Remote Controller   PAC-SE51CRA
  Mult-function Digital Controllers   AI Controller (PAC-YG63MCA_AI)
      DIDO Controller (PAC-YG66DCA_DIDO)
      PI Controller (PAC-Y60MCA_PC)
  PC Software Interface   TG-2000a
  System Controller   AE-50A
  Transmission Booster   PAC-SF46EPA